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Application Penetration Testing

A deep dive for hidden risk

Our modern world is powered by software applications. Users and use cases come in many different flavors. But like any digital technology, applications can have weak points that expose your organization to risk. 

Summit Application Penetration Testing takes a deep view of an application’s design, deployment, and configuration to find those weak points, then implements simulated attacks to test their exploitability. Our prioritized results and guidance on fixing the issues we find enable you to address weaknesses before an attacker can exploit them.

Whether testing is required for compliance, or to proactively reduce risk – Summit is up to the test. 


An ethical approach to hacking

Summit cybersecurity experts are ethical hackers, also called “white hats.” We apply the latest technical tools and techniques – just like those an attacker would use – to find and test the security of your applications. 

We use automated tools to surface vulnerabilities, as well as apply advanced manual testing and techniques for deeper insights to supplement the results of the automated testing. Manual tests often are assisted by source code, application architecture reviews, and threat modeling.

Enabling proactive risk reduction

The knowledge and oversight of our cybersecurity experts add invaluable interpretation and context to the application penetration testing process that technology alone cannot deliver. 

The result is a comprehensive analysis of the security of your applications that informs C-suite strategy and delivers actionable guidance for closing the gaps that expose you.

While vulnerability assessment plays a role, our application penetration testing is more focused – both in scope and type of weaknesses we look for. A starting point is the OWASP Top 10 list of critical risks which includes authentication flaws, cross-site scripting, cryptographic weaknesses, and SQL injection. But our testing goes much deeper.

Types of application security assessments Summit performs:

  • Authenticated application security assessments –  known as “white box” or code-assisted penetration testing 
  • Mobile application penetration testing
  • Application architecture threat modeling
  • Source code security review

Frequently Asked Questions

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